Psychotherapy & Counselling 



One day, in retrospect, the years of struggle will strike you as the most beautiful.

- Sigmund Freud -

What is Psychotherapy & Counselling?

Psychotherapy & Counselling are both effective talking therapies, although the former is usually long-term.

Like the picture to the left, psychotherapy can help a person to unpack, and through exploration, offer their deepest diffficulties and concerns to a trained and experienced therapist, who then understands those difficulties and concerns, breaks them down carefully and reflects and feeds them back to the person, from different perspectives, so that the person is able to receive and accept it and also become aware of the roots and solutions to their problem(s).

All the while, planting a seed of self awareness, self development and self acceptance, that under the right therapeutic conditions, can then be cultivated and nurtured patiently and compassionately towards a beautiful journey of growth, self discovery and therapeutic change. 

There is no ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ in counselling and you will be invited to be yourself and share your deepest concerns with a therapist, without the fear of being judged or misunderstood.


Counselling can deal with such events as the end of a relationship, loss of a job or death of someone close, and also help you cope with aspects of your life that you feel you are unable to change. This could include your job, relationships, sexuality, or self-esteem. 

What to expect


Once you have contacted me, we can arrange for a confidential initial counselling assessment. An initial counselling assessment lasts 50 minutes long and you will be able to discuss your difficulties, I will also ask you a few questions in order to assess your counselling needs and whether counselling may help you. 

The initial session will be an opportunity for you to tell your story and be understood and heard from your perspective, without judgement. it is an opportunity for you to explore what it is that brings you to counselling, what your expectations are around it and how we can move towards meeting those expectations. You will get the opportunity to get to know how I work and how we could work together in order for you to reach your goals. It will also be an opportunity for me to get to know you more and build a trusting rapport and to assess your concerns, motivation and commitment and what would be the best strategy for you going forward.


If we decide to work together, we will, if possible, establish a regular weekly session at my practice in Enfield. If the work is to be short-term, we will agree on the focus for the work and the number of sessions, usually 6 to start but this can be extended as we go. If the work appears to require a longer-term approach, we may initially start with 12 sessions and then review before deciding to continue on an open-ended basis.


Clients will not be given advice or told what to do, but encouraged to use the time to explore that which is beneath the explicit. Clients will be gently challenged and encouraged to face and explore their elephant in the room, allowing  the discovery of the implicit and the root to their problem(s) to manifest and hopefully realize and experience what they want to achieve during their time in therapy.